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Kunsthaus, Zürich, 24. & 25. May 2024
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23. & 24. May 2025

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About us

Experience the ultimate blend of luxury, elegance, and grace at our biannual fashion show, showcasing the splendor and cultural richness of Africa. Step into a world of high-end fashion and join us at the prestigious Kunsthaus Zurich, for an unparalleled event that promises to inspire and fulfill you.

Since 2018, African Fashion Night has emerged as the most sought-after African fashion show in Zurich, Switzerland, charming audiences with its extraordinary display of opulence and refinement. This event is proudly supported and promoted by VAMKK, AN Association for the Promotion of Afro-Fashion Art and Culture, based in Zurich, highlighting the essence of Africa’s exquisite and undiscovered gems through the power of fashion, art, and culture.

Are you ready to bask in the magnificence of African luxury fashion, art, and culture? Brace yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and do not miss out on this unforgettable experience. Join the privileged few who relished the time of their lives at our previous show, and immerse yourself in the ultimate fusion of glamour and sophistication. Explore our previous show reviews and feedback, and discover why African Fashion Night has earned the distinction of being the pinnacle of luxury afro events here in Zurich .

Get your tickets now and relish a futuristic Africa, bursting with joie de vivre, luxury, and fun.

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Public Parking

Parkhaus Hohe Promenade, Rämistrasse 22A, 8001 Zürich

Or, Click here for a Day Parking Permit Card for "Blaue Zonen" (Street parking spaces with a blue line)

Address and Directions

Kunsthaus Zürich - Vortragssaal,
Heimplatz 1,
8001, Zurich

Public Transport

Tram No.: 3/ 5/ 9/
and Bus No.: 31
go directly to the station KUNSTHAUS


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Your brand at the next African Fashion Night


Your brand at the next African Fashion Night

Photographers • Stylists • Make-Up Artist • Hair Artists • Musicians • Dancers  • Volunteers

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Endorsement Program Partners


We recognise that individuals with immigration backgrounds face various challenges that hinder their access to opportunities, such as language barriers, exclusion, conformity, systemic prejudice, and personal insecurities just to name a few. As an organisation committed to creating a fair and equitable society, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

By supporting the AFN Talent Endorsement Program, you will not only be helping to break down barriers that have traditionally limited access to professions but also empowering communities to reach their full potential. Your contribution will have a direct impact on the lives of many individuals who face significant obstacles, providing them with opportunities to explore their talents and achieve their goals.

We therefore invite you to join us on this journey to promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the professional world. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities, while promoting values that are vital for the growth and success of our society.


At AFN, we believe that true diversity and inclusion means giving opportunities to people in all segments of the fashion industry. That’s why we recruit placements in every aspect of the fashion show – from makeup artists and hair stylists to models, designers, videographers, photographers, artists, singers, dancers, administrators, event planners, technicians, and more.

We see our platform as a catalyst for uplifting and promoting young talent in all these different areas. By providing exposure and opportunities to a wide range of individuals, we’re helping to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive fashion industry.

So when you support the AFN Talent Endorsement Program, you’re not just supporting models – you’re supporting a whole ecosystem of young talent. You’re helping to create a more vibrant and dynamic fashion industry where everyone has the opportunity to shine. Join us today and be a part of something truly transformative. We look forward to collaborating with you and making a positive impact on the world. For more information about our endorsement program, please contact us at

Magaly Oliviera

Model Coach (Partner)

Meet Magaly Oliveira, the powerhouse behind Walk with Glamour and the driving force behind the success of AFN models since 2019. With a background as a former catwalk model and choreographer for fashion shows, dance productions, and commercials, Magaly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Hailing from Brazil, Magaly made her mark in the world of advertising as a campaign model, appearing in television ads and films before bringing her passion for fashion and choreography to Switzerland. As the founder of Walk with Glamour, she has dedicated herself to nurturing and training the next generation of models with care, love, and precision. Magaly's gentle yet impactful coaching style has helped countless AFN newcomers realize their potential and achieve their...

…modeling dreams. Thanks to her guidance and mentorship, many AFN models have gone on to grace international stages across the globe, showcasing their talent and style to the world.

Magaly Oliveira is not just a coach, but a mentor, a guide, and a true champion of diversity, inclusion, and excellence in the fashion industry. Her invaluable knowledge and passion continue to inspire and empower all who have the privilege of working with her.


Belinda Kakanou

Mental Health Coach (Partner)

Recognizing the importance of Mental Health in the People of Color (POC) Community is a new priority for the AFN Family. It is a universal concern that transcends cultural boundaries, affecting individuals from all walks of life. However, within the POC community, the intersectionality of race and Mental Health introduces particular challenges and disparities that demand thoughtful and targeted interventions. Despite facing their unique challenges, POC individuals often navigate societal pressures, systemic inequalities, and historical traumas, that can impact their Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. By fostering a supportive environment that acknowledges the shared experiences....

…and challenges faced by POC individuals, communities can play a crucial role in promoting Mental Health – AFN strives to be such a community. Addressing Mental Wellbeing within the POC community, is a vital step toward dismantling stereotypes and promoting a positive narrative around this crucial topic. It encourages dialogue and destigmatizes seeking help, so individuals are more likely to reach out for support when needed. Having our own Mental Health Partner, minimizes this inhibition barrier even more. Through the partnership with B-YOUnique, we contribute to a community that values the Mental & Emotional Health of all its members, this is an essential step toward creating a more inclusive, supportive, and equitable society for everyone. Belinda is the founder of B-YOUnique – after many years in the corporate industry, she has dedicated her purpose to the world of Holistic Health, where she emphasizes her main focus on Mental & Emotional Wellbeing. Her long-lasting path with Mindfulness & Meditation inspired Belinda, to share this life changing practice with the world. After her education in Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, Pranayama (Breathwork), Mindfulness & Meditation, she began to study Ayurveda Medicine, where she specializes in Psychology. Her main tools are Talking Therapy, Coaching, Meditation & Mindfulness. Besides the 1:1 Sessions and Private Retreats she conducts with her own clients, she works with Mental Health Clinics, establishes her brand in Health Tourism, and offers with ‘B-YOUnique for Business’ a concept, which supports companies in their Health & Wellbeing Management, by offering 1:1 Coaching, Team Retreats and other activities to promote a healthy work environment. Growing up in a small Swiss town, as a mix-raced girl, she went through different challenges herself. Having the right community, where she feels belonging and is able to exchange thoughts, feelings and experiences, is an immensely valuable thing to her. It therefore is a matter to her heart, to contribute to the wellbeing of this unique community and support AFN in their noble mission.


ZimKaffee Logo - Every Cup CLOSER TO AFRICA (1)

Zimkaffee, founded by entrepreneur Tawanda Choruma debuting at African Fashion Night in September 2022, and on a mission to elevate African coffee to new heights. Born in Zimbabwe and after several years working in Switzerland, Tawanda created a company that embodies a commitment to excellence and a vision to redefine Africa's narrative. With each cup brewed, Zimkaffee tells a story—a story of passion, heritage, and the quest to celebrate Africa. In Tawanda's own word, “Zimkaffee wouldn’t be where it is today without the initial push from the African Fashion Night event”. Now on the verge of opening up a café in addition to several business to business clients.

Meet Our Endorsees

AFN Casting-316

Esther Ashiyanbi


Esther Ashiyanbi from Nigeria and Ivory Coast, 22 years old, started modeling officially 18.09.21 at the afn fashion show in Kunsthaus Zürich. Esther is a natural talent when it comes to modeling and is very photogenic. She wants to be a model because she enjoys the challenge and dedication necessary to be successful in the business.

AFN Casting-126

Fernando Hofstetter


Fernando Hofstetter, 26 years old from Brazil, has been with AFN for the past 3 years and is as dedicated as can be. He has Catwalk and Photomodeling experience having had a lot of modeling training with AFN over the years.

AFN Casting-20

Keren Mukwambele


Keren Mukwambele, 22 years old from DR Conko, has quite a bit of Modeling experience and is a super versatile model. She has participated in a few Fashion Shows, two AFN Fashion Shows and is regularly booked for shootings all over Switzerland.

AFN Casting-103

Moise Bodika


Moise Bodika, 27 years old, is from DR Congo and a personal trainer. Putting his body to use he decided to become a model after receiving modeling offers for sports brands. 18.09.21 at the afn fashion show in Kunsthaus Zürich he walked his first fashion show and expressed strong eagerness to receive professional training.




Ahmad was born in Syria and his people have walked the Sahara desert for centuries. He moved to Beirut at the age of 13, where his relationship with fashion started at a very young age working illegally in a sweatshop. Through hard work and after some years he moved to Switzerland as a minor and a refugee and later went on to graduate from ZHDK as a designer. Today Ahmad is 25 and recently opened his own studio ARTFULLY. ARTFULLY is a 100% upcycling and recycles brand that reuses old fabrics from curtains, old clothes upholstery, or any other used materials. ARTFULLY creates amazing and unusual Berbers and Bedouins-inspired single-piece designs and accessories. Ahmad is a part of AFN’s Talent Endorsement Program.


Koi Design


Margret Wanguwi Wakio, born in Kenya and living in Switzerland since the age of 3. From an early age she loved to sew and is self-taught. When she was a teenager, she designed stylish and trendy outfits for her family and friends that included a mix of modern fashion and African fabrics. She often recycled the fabrics and added her own African touch, which also allowed her to connect with her African identity and go with the current trends. Koi Fashion is an upcycling brand that believes everything deserves a second chance. Kenya has shown her how creativity can be developed with few resources, and that is reflected in her collection today. Koi uses only locally made fabrics from Kenya and Tanzania and believes that it is important to support the local market to keep it alive!


Mahoney Creation

Designer (1955-2022†)

EMMANUEL KULI ADJEI (aka Mahoney) was born in Accra, Ghana, in 1955, the eldest son of a chief, and was exposed to royal African fabrics and traditional royal clothing and fashion from an early age. This was the foundation for his love of what he does best After they had been together for some time, Mahoney moved to Bern in 1978 and got married. In Bern, he continued to follow his passion for fashion and quickly found work with the Swiss company Modema, which not only produced the uniforms of the Swiss Army, but at that time also produced the very popular boutique brands BIG and MR. X.

He never stopped designing for his clients in his spare time and always dreamed of having his own brand. A few years later he moved to Zurich and worked for Corporate, the company responsible for all airport uniforms, until his retirement. Over the years, he made a name for himself in the African community and is known for his perfect workmanship and fancy designs.

At the age of 66 and retired, he found the time to finally realize his dream and start his own brand. He teamed up with AFN and within a few months he had his collection ready. As part of AFN’s Talent Endorsement program, Mahoney Creation was launched in Spring 2021 in collaboration with African Fashion Night and will present its first collection on September 18, 2021 at AFN 2021 at Kunsthaus Zurich. Sadly, in January 2022 EMMANUEL KULI ADJEI passed away.

Cassare Webshop Format

Lilian Duhoux

Fashion Event Coordinator

Lilian Duhoux, 18 year old fashion and technology student, with a passion for creativity and design.  She is now in her second year of studies at STF Swiss School of Textiles and attended 3 years of fashion school at Modeco, both in Zurich. Lilian is involved in the AFN Talent Endorsement Program and is supported by the team in her development as an event coordinator and management assistant for the African Fashion Shows.  We are happy to announce that she has also been hired for a 1 year internship at Bexolutions.


Afi-Sika Kuzeawu

Double Bass Player & Singer

It was during her job as an analyst in a trading company that Afi Sika Kuzeawu began to question her happiness. Practicing to listen to her inner being made her discover music inside of her that arose with such clarity that she could not ignore it anymore. While aspiring to perform as a singer, writing music made her start playing the double bass as well, one of the key sounds she imagined. She performs in the simultaneous combination of her voice and the double bass. Her first album “nubu”, recorded together with drummer Flo Hufschmid and pianist Gianni Guida, testifies of the cultural heritage from her home country, Togo. Her bass lines originate from an internal dance, from a body impulse. Besides performing solo, she performs with her trio, for who she writes her music correspondingly.


Roberto Dunn


Roberto Dunn, 23 years old amateur photographer who wants to turn his hobby into a profession. Roberto focuses on fashion, portrait and street photography. Professionally, Roberto is a caregiver at Tilgen Schoolhouse, taking care of children ages 6 to 7. Since 2022, Roberto is part of the AFN Talent Endorsement Program and is supported by mentors in his photography career. He learns the different editing programs, is supported in positioning and social media, and is assigned tasks to do on his own or with guidance. Currently, Bexolutions is helping him build his Instagram @r.dunn_photography.

Supporters of the Talent Endorsement Programm





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