African Fashion Night

Founded in 2018, Africa Fashion Night is one of the leading fashion events in Switzerland that promotes and nurtures African and African-inspired design talent, artists, and entrepreneurs.

With a collaborative catwalk, art exhibition, music performances and business development program, AFN is in the process of bringing Africa’s emerging designers, artists, entertainers, and apparel industry to the forefront and aims to bring awareness and appreciation of Africa’s burgeoning fashion industry to the international market.

The aim is to bring awareness and appreciation of Africa’s burgeoning fashion to the international market.

Since 2018, AFN has hosted many runway events and contributed expertise to several other events produced by third parties but continues to seek collaborative opportunities and platforms with local partners to continue to promote and showcase African-inspired talent and entrepreneurs.

We also showcased numerous emerging designers and exhibitors from Africa and Europe to nearly 10,000 visitors and counting, including buyers, retailers, influential industry experts and the media. AFN is on track to become a highlight in the annual fashion calendar.

AFN adds value as a cultural event, to all its participants and guests through, networking, promoting, shared experience and knowledge within the community as well as the corporate world. 

With a core team made up of business professionals and seasoned experts in their field, AFN strives to create a platform for African and African-inspired designers, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to exposes them to an international market, but also helps them build a sustainable business that is globally recognized and promotes social change in Africa.

Community Policy

We at African Fashion Night welcome diversity and strive to provide a healthy and encouraging environment for our models always. We know that our models are not only ambassadors for AFN but are also very important role models too many young girls and boys in our community.

AFN does NOT support any form of Body Shaming, Bulling, Sexism, Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, Homophobia, Racial Aggression, Discrimination, Racism etc. and works with many international partners that would not tolerate that.

Due to this, AFN strictly abides by EU norms set by Paris for models (see links below for more information)



Our top priority is the emotional and physical well-being of our community and with our Talent Endorsement Program, we are passionate about improving the careers and lives of our models, emotionally, psychologically, and financially.

We at AFN practice Black Excellence at its best and do not tolerate negative, unhealthy, and aggressive behaviour towards each other or ourselves. Not only do we value a professional, progressive, and educational atmosphere, but we also promote having fun and creating memorable experiences that accompany our participants positively even after AFN.

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