Endorsement Program


The AFN talent endorsement program was created out of the realization that POC (People Of Colour), refugees and people with immigration background in particular are unable to find access to unconventional professions.

Whether due to language barriers, conformity, exclusion, prejudice, or lack of self-confidence due to the many challenges associated with integration and finding their place in society.

These factors severely limit the access and visibility of these hidden talents in most industries that rely primarily on influence and relationships.

That’s why AFN created the Talent Endorsement Program, to offer a respectable perspective to those who essentially have no chance. We all know that it is important for everyone to have a meaning and purpose in life, and that is what we are trying to provide. AFN invites you to join us.

Let us collectively promote and celebrate the lives that need us most whilst in support of diversity, equality and inclusion.


Each year, AFN selects a group of maximum five potential talents from the diaspora community for the AFN Talent Endorsement Program.

These potential talents are diamonds in the rough that possibly have very high potential.

As an example with our models, AFN’s support program is designed to prepare and elevate them to a level that will open up opportunities but also give them the confidence needed to maneuver and promote themselves on the stage of the world of fashion.

Not only do they get to walk for AFN shows as forefront models but also be a part of all AFN campaign shootings and act as ambassadors for AFN.

The program offers a host of perks with the aim to help them achieve their goal of becoming professional models.

All Models either have a secondary migration background or have come to Switzerland as refugees themselves. AFN aims to provide them with the opportunities and training to realize their goals and dreams whilst elevating their confidence and experience through exposure.

This program is the heart of the AFN initiative to contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the fashion industry.

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